With regular cutlery deliveries from Frederick & Son, you never have to buy or discard expensive knives and blades.  We will determine exactly what cutlery you will need every day for your operation.  Your cutlery set will be “Tailor-Made” for your operation.

Our drivers always carry a large supply of fully reconditioned and sanitized can openers on their trucks.  We can set you up a regular bi-weekly, monthly or as needed exchange.  Never deal with a dirty, difficult can opener again with Frederick & Son exchange program. Request this service from your driver or call us today for a quote.

Let your Frederick & Son driver exchange that dull, unsafe slicer blade with a professionally resharpened blade.  No need to call for an expensive repair service just to sharpen your blade.  Our drivers can take care of exchanging your slicer blade on a schedule that’s convenient to your operation.

Just as we can do with your slicer blades and your can opener, we have almost every make and model food processor blade in stock, resharpened and complete assemblies set up and adjusted to go onto your machine.

Let Frederick and Son satisfy all of your cutting edge needs and put you on a regular exchange plan for your food processor blades.  Just let us know which machine you’re using, and we can start up this service right away.


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